Midlands Fashion Week – Arthritis Research UK

Well this weekend has been soo busy…. I am finally recovering, and getting myself back up to full speed, after a long day on Sunday, raising money through fashion for a well deserved cause. Arthritis research, which was just in time for Arthritis Awareness week.

The event was held at Stourport Manor Hotel, in the midst of the Worcestershire Countryside. No event happens without the organisation skills of a truly amazing and resilient event organizer, Chloe Avon, the owner of Dream Streets Events & Models. With fabulous and talented artists and designers, ranging from a variety styles, backgrounds and ages..

The show opened with a flash mob of models, choreographed by the talented Jamial Mistry.

It was a early start for a Sunday morning, with many people from across the industry devoting their time to make sure the event went off in true style.

Everyone was working on a voluntary basis, with parents supporting young models.. and models supporting each other. The day had a great atmosphere, with like minded people showing great kindness… it was like rekindling with family. I am always taken aback by the commitment of the models that attend.. as nerves must be high.. as they are the main attraction of the show as they carry each designers garments in front of the public eye…!

The time was almost here, and you could feel the buzz of excitement electrify the event.

As head photographer, I was stationed at the front of the catwalk, with lighting set up and ready to record this wonderful event. Press photographers were ready and set to go… again friends were made, with like minded ones, waiting to enjoy the event alongside me. Its really is tribute to those in our industry that work together in harmony, helping one another to achieve goals that benefit the many. I am proud to say I am part of it.

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Ryan Wilkinson – Midlands Top Model Winner!! Well done!


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Kiss me Kate petticoats


I hope that you all like the work produced at the event… xx Stay tuned for more updates over the next few days x


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