#tt Throwback Thursday – a little bit of Hogwarts!!

Looking back on my weddings… well I love each and every client… each story is a fresh page, that I can paint.

From the moment you are invited to your first consultation, you tell me about the things you love… the way you see your day. I share ideas with you, and from their we build a vision board, through emails, shared photos, or a mood board via my pinterest board. From there we set up a secret board, so only you, I and those you invite can see the creative board we can create together.

So let me re-introduce to Amy & Ant… who were married at Hampton Manor, in Solihull this February. Its a beautiful building both interior and exterior, even in the height of winter. With there wedding taking place in the beautiful Barn outside… Michelle Howard Vintage Wedding Photography - Hampton Manor - Amy & Anthony-8-3 Michelle Howard Vintage Wedding Photography - Hampton Manor - Amy & Anthony-35 Michelle Howard Vintage Wedding Photography - Hampton Manor - Amy & Anthony-82 Michelle Howard Vintage Wedding Photography - Hampton Manor - Amy & Anthony-88

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Wedding my candle light, my lighting and editing is sympathetic to atmosphere of your day at that given moment.

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I love the soft light of the candles, and the warm tone they give. Amy & Ant wanted a Super 8 finish to their photos. So that they were similar to a 70s style finish.

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Bumble bus, solihull, vintage travel, volkswagen, camper van, wedding vehicle, birmingham, west midlands wedding photographer
Bumble the bus wedding car… we love us some bumble…

Michelle howard wedding photographer, hampton manon, solihull, birmingham, west midlands wedding photographerMichelle howard wedding photography

To the beautiful stone manor, known as Hampton Manor.. it just feels like Hogwarts… love love.. x
IMG_1987 IMG_2010

Sometimes you need to just lie back and relax after a long day!!IMG_2199IMG_2206IMG_2208

Working with the lighting that the building offers to add a dramatic vista even if you are not able to go outside. IMG_2217IMG_2222IMG_2253
Don’t be fooled into thinking that winter weddings are easier, than a summer wedding.. So here are some top tips for deciding on the right photographer for you, along with the type of questions you should be asking. 

  1.  If the weather is bad.. what is there plan b?
  2. if you have a later ceremony that 2pm.. what type of light will they use? do they have a portfolio reflective of a winter wedding?
  3. If you are having a winter wedding, we would suggest a much earlier ceremony… Use as much available light as you can? So make sure you have a well adapted photography plan.
  4. Its essential that all of you day is carefully planed so as to make the most of all the light at given points. You should not have to sacrifice any part of your day.
  5. For winter weddings, more equipment will be needed, and this will require an assistant.

if you have any further questions regarding winter weddings, please feel free to get in touch.. x

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