A Knickerbocker glory of a wedding – Pass the Cornish Pasty!!

poldark, wedding, cornish, treveanna barns, sunset, vintage, love, bride, groomWell it was a heck of a week for me in the last week of  July… with my annual leave of 2 weeks in Italy looming, with 3 weddings in one week, all over the UK. How I managed to get through all the washing packing and preparing, along with the same for each and every wedding. To make matters worse I had a chest infection! Well if I can get through that week, I can take anything on.. lol

Well the first wedding began, with the Nuneaton wedding in a previous blog. So my next wedding on my list, was the wedding of Martin and Vicki…

I met my lovely couple back in the summer of 2014, at the Regency in Solihull. In fact.. I would go as far to say, that we talked the majority of the time… It wasn’t long before we arranged a second meet at my home, where we discussed their day in further detail. It was then that they asked would I be willing to travel to Cornwall for their wedding.

Its a daunting prospect of traveling so far away from home, there is no rescue should you forget a small piece to the puzzle… so planning and prepping are the order of the moment. Like any lady, I literally packed the kitchen sink… Mary Poppin style, so no matter what happened I was ready for it!! I loved ever minute from setting off, traveling and actually being totally reliant on myself. It was a huge confidence boost, and I hope that many more will come my way. Traveling and being absorbed in your location, is so different to traveling just a couple of hours from home. There are no distractions, once your arrive your creative brain kicks in…  and because you are so prepared, its actually more relaxing.. as you can completely focus knowing everything is ready.

So to make sure we were already with a completed photography plan, we combined there planing with their engagement shoot.. in the heart of the Black Country, and the heart of its history.. the canals we are so well known for. engaged, cornwall, dudley, canal, nature, black and white photography, love, getting married engaged, photography, west midlands, canal, summer, getting married, just engaged, getting married, engagment shoot, couples, boy and girl, bride to be, groom to be, book your wedding photograopher

After traveling from the West Midlands, to Cornwall St. Noets, 3 and half hours. I was relieved to arrive at Trevanna Barns… where the majority of the family were just about to tuck into a yummy BBQ. It was great meeting the family, in a informal way… we walked around the grounds, looking for possible places to use as our backdrop. I was spoilt the vistas were beautiful… overlooking the moors!

I hate sitting around on the day, and felt this all the more when I was checked in at the BnB.. so decided to join the chaps go carting.. (well photographing the go carting!!) Gutted I couldn’t have a go lol…

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That was the start of the day, and from there we lead nicely into the wedding day…. to photo booth! Good job I have the cooked breakfast..

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I was made to feel like a special guest all day, it was so heart warming. To think that even though I was a stranger to some degree, I was treated as a friend by all. Not once did I feel lonely or out of place. Which makes capturing the day so much better, a open heart never misses a beat.

knickerbockerglory, wedding desert, the best, michelle howard wedding photography,

I am not an ice cream fan generally.. but this has to be by far the BEST DESERT EVER!!!!!!!!  your created your Knickerbocker glory your way!! with a variety of options to choose from.

This was my choice….  Mint and chocolate chip, Vanilla ice cream, cinder, chocolate fudge sauce, marshmallows, clotted cream, brownies…. MMMMM!!! I want another one very soon, this may be my naughty treat!!

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