It was golden, it was nature, it was Gatsby!

The golden hour, yes we all know it… it happens every day… and the only thing that changes is the time depending on the season. Autumn is my favorite, it always seems to offer the best glow.. the most beautiful sunsets.. why.. well as seasons change, we have different light and temperatures, creating excellent ingredients for the perfect settings. With warmer tones already in the trees leaves… it creates an amazing backdrop, as you already know amazing light!

I have always loved this time of the day, when the sun is starting to dip.. and creates this beautiful warm light, as it sinks through the lower part of the atmosphere.. creating lower color temperatures, which gives us that halo of warm tones…

When planning shoots, or parts of the wedding day.. I try to plan them around the light I know will best suit the type of photos I wish to create.

Midlands Fashion week was getting ever closer and we needed to create photos the created beauty & fashion in one…

fashion, beauty, kiss me kate,  prom, prom dresses, teenager, portfolio, model, agency

It wasn’t as easy as you might think! We had scheduled the shoot twice… once was postponed due to illness, and then the weather got in the way the second time… But as we are never put off, we continued to plan.. and it fell on a beautiful Sunday with amazing weather!

The beautiful dresses were supplied by Kiss me Kate designs. A really great company, with a fab husband and wife team.They are always ready to help and supply clothing when needed. I am very lucky like this as I have met some great friends who help me when in need with clothing and wedding dresses for promotional shoots.

All though shoots may look glamorous, believe me… we can be just about any where, working with the elements and with little shelter.. but that’s the magic of it. I love how we can change something so simple, and logistically difficult when creating hair styles, makeup and styling… yet we can still bring it all to the table and create amazing results.

west midlands fashion photographer, Birmingham, beauty, beautiful, fashion, prom, makeover, transformation

West Midlands beauty photographer, model, portfolio, prom, event, fashion

This is why I love what I do… creating beauty images that stand out. I love that I am not subject to studio work only… in fact I would find that to be very dull if it were only indoor work, that I could produce. Although winter is bearing in on us, and I really love the idea of Hollywood Glamour being my next venture. If you would like to book Hollywood glamour shoot.. and feel like a movie star. Prices start from £250, hair, make up and 3 high res images, fully edited, retouched and holly wood glammed just for you.


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