#weddingWednesday – The best of July

I thought I would post a quick blog with some of my favorite wedding photos from this July….

At the height of summer we have so much available light,  right up to late evening, which is great for us wedding photographers to take advantage of.

bride, groom, sunset, field, twilight, nuneaton, west midlands wedding photographer, vintage, styling, pink, nature

wedding, bride, cherry, trees, english countryside, vintage, downton abbey,

These are two of the couple shots from Jess & Adam’s wedding, Taken at two different times of the day. As you can see different light, offers a completely different feel to the way in which you couple shots will look.

Cornwall wedding, travel to your wedding, destination wedding, west midlands wedding photographer, vintage, beauty, bride, groom, getting married, engagedpoldark, wedding, cornish, treveanna barns, sunset, vintage, love, bride, groom

Vicky and Martin’s wedding at Treveanna Barns, St Neots, Cornwall…. surrounded by the Cornish Moors…. the sky gave us lots of variations… from overcast to stormy.. you really could not ask for more!! The next day the heavens opened….  we were very lucky!!

west midlands wedding photographer, english countryside, dodford, bromsgrove, Worcester, wedding, bride, groom, dress, black and white, vintage, vogue bride

west midlands wedding photographer, dodford, bromsgrove, black and white, vintage, vogue wedding

This is Mag & Rosh’s wedding, in Dodford, Bromsgrove.. I shall be writing a full blog on their wedding soon. But I wanted to share with you these photographs from the day, as these are my favorite couple photos from their day.

It’s really worth considering where you want to have your couple shots, and the time of the day. As season change, so does the amount of light which is available… and depending on the coverage of your package… will also depend on the amount of time we have to cover each aspect of your day.

My aim is to cover as many stages as I can, no matter what you choose… This has to be my favorite part of the day, when I can whisk you away… and capture these moments with beautiful light.

Right well..  I am pooped after a long day on the other side of the lens… but its throwback Thursday tomorrow… I shall be looking back at portraits… with a difference.. so stay tuned. See you tomorrow xxx

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