It’s that time of year again… let me tell you my secret!

I love this time of year, darker nights, leaves carpeting the ground in an array of colours, while candles lighten the darkest corners of my room. Which makes editing the many weddings a joy and cosy experience, as I relive the summer once more. 

With thousands upon thousands of photos yet to be edited, and work yet to be undertaken.. you can imagine how busy this time of year is.  I can’t afford to be ill in any way. So I decided that after such a diffiult year last year, where I was a magnet for every virus.. that this year would be very different. This time I would win, not the virus.

I know that this is not wedding related as such. But making sure I am well, fit and ready to go is esstential for the work that I do. Because being a photography is not my only line of duty… I am a mother and a wife… and as easy as it is to give my all to my work, I know that some of me has to be ready to fullfill those other roles too.. no matter how stressed, overwhelmed, or pressed for time that I am. 

I am not one for fad diets, I have tried them, they have worked… and for a short time I managed to up keep… but the minute i am stressed planning goes ou of the door! I needed to change my thinking and my life style. I had to see things differently. I never expected the chage that actually came. 

After 14 months of watching my friend, get healthier , brighter and slimmer… I knew something was special about this product. 

I guess the reason why I am speaking to you via my blog, is I know how stressed my brides are… and how that stress can effect your journey. So I wanted to tell you somethig about my story… and maybe this will help you. 

I needed to be well.. I was catching bug after bug.. leading to chect infection after chest infection. I know you probably think why are soo stressed. Well our job carries a lot of responsibilties ,’ nerves and anxitey. For every wedding, there is a great deal of nerves.. which can and most likely effected my immune system. 

However, for the last 8 weeks, at the worst time of year… I have not been ill! What were tasks, even burdens have become easy. Brain fog, was no longer an issue. I could see and think clerly, with no stress affecting the route infront me. I have had to make many scarfices, but i do think each and every bride is worth that. Taking this journey has been the best investment in my business I have ever made!

My energy is killer… nothing seems like an overwheleming challenge! If you would like to know more about my secret.. please email at

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