Beauty & The beard

fashion, men, man, beard, guitar, album cover, music branding, west midlands, photography, vintage, Birmingham, Midlands fashion photographyThis shoot was a little different to me.. because normally I shoot girls.. not by choice.. it’s really just happened that way. So this shoot was a real treat for me.

As with everything I love the alternative, and vintage styling. So having the lovely Paul, his beard and guitar attending the shoot. I was completely relaxed. I can’t tell you how lovely it is to be working, while listening to an acoustic guitar being played. Paul is a supper talented musician, whom is full of character. They say the eyes are the door to the soul. I do think that this new bearded fashion highlights the beauty of the eyes for men. We are then completely drawn in, as these beautifully groomed bears help frame them.  Their is a softness that can easily be ignored, or missed.

Venue: needed to be somewhere that offered a rawness.. that would enhance the subject. I love using old buildings, derelict, even graffiti… as a contradiction, to the organised beauty in front of me.  Its in complete contrast, with colors from rust, brick work… “I’m in heaven!!”#

fashion, vintage, beard, girl, boy, poppy field, location, green, braces, fashion inspiration,

woods, shadows, braces, guitar, beard, man, white shirt, alternative, justbbelle, bags, blonde

michelle howard product photography-1-18michelle howard product photography-1-20michelle howard product photography-1-9

Creating a story, that has both rhythm and meaning, throughout can help creating images that have a hidden depth, a mystery. Which helps everyone become in tune with. I hope that you like them as much as I do..!!

Models: Megan, and Paul

Thanks team x

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