Lets get outdoors & have some fun!!

I am such an outdoors person! I love the changing landscapes along with the ever changing light. You are forced to think on your toes.. and as stressful as that may sound, it can add to some great opportunities for creativity.. from me and you!

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West Midlands Wedding and Portrait Photographer… Doing my favorite type of shoot, Autumn and outdoors. Life is for living outdoors.. using natures backdrop.

I encourage every client to add their own thoughts and ideas to the shoot.. and I know you are probably thinking that’s what you hire me to do. But.. hear me out!! By adding your own ideas into the mix, you become fully involved in the shoot and begin being yourselves. That’s what I am searching for. I am awaiting those moments when the smiles become unforced, when the joke becomes funnier… when the laugh is no longer a laugh but a gasping for air before the next howler arrives. michelle-howard-wedding-photography-9

That’s why I try to become more… I guess involved. I like banter and I enjoy a giggle, I don’t want to be the by stander.. I want to be part of the action, while recording each every moment. I am fully committed and immersed. Yes, I am known to laugh and cry at shoots and events. I guess, I am so involved in your story… that it’s easy to allow my emotions to run free… especially when its intensified and narrowed through a lens… my mind and eye is so focused on all those moments as they evolve. michelle-howard-wedding-photography-11

I sometimes forget how magical my job and passion is. I get stressed sometimes, with the privilege of recording all these life changing moments, whether through a portrait or a wedding event; each one holds a immense challenge and treasure.

Any way.. I’m going on, lost in the moment once more. lol… yep that’s me!! The artist!!

So the reason I started writing! My bride Lisa from 3 years ago, has always kept in touch… and asked me to photograph her mothers 60th year with a family shoot. So after organizing the whole family with her two brothers, and setting a date. We were able to decide a location and time, in Stone Staffordshire.

The 4th of September soon Arrived, and as I prepared and drank my coffee… I was all ready and set to go. I took off in my now dead Astra!! down the m6 towards Stafford. The weather was awesome when I left, but grew every duller as I grew ever nearer.

But no amount of weather would stop us.. we had a plan, and we were going to get on with it.. as you do!

Everyone was there and off we trotted for a walk. I wanted the story to be as natural as I could make it… so a walk was just the ticket. I would let everyone feel comfortable with my presence.. mainly the little ones, and photograph them from a distance. I really do feel that if you start of too intense too soon, can have the opposite effect. Little ones need to be reassured that I am not a mad person, after all I am a stranger.. and seeing the adults react and welcome me in, validates there securities and safety with this new person whom as been added to the group…  So as the watchful eyes, turned to smiley eyes I knew I could ask for more…. let the fun begin!

I encouraged them to race and run at the camera… I talked to them as I took the photos so they would look as though there was no camera just them reacting to me. I am so pleased with the results, the connection between everyone is wonderful.

A great big thank you, for choosing me once more… what a privilege its is to record another chapter in their lives. Here’s to another year!

So here are my results…. hope you like?

If you would like to know more about your own family shoot! Please email me at michellehphotography@hotmail.com

Have a lovely day xx

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