Event of Champions – London

Wow! What a weekend… what an event! I feel as though my mind and heart have been completely shifted in a new direction. It’s as though I have been spinning around trying to grab something in the blur of my vision. Then… this event… this amazing event!! Not only rocked my mind, but it stopped my heart and rebooted it. Now I have a clearer view of my direction. 

Here’s a screen shot of the launch from the shoot we did two weeks before, at my home and on location around the city Birmingham. The excitement was exhilarating. 

Camalita Nutall, Event of Champions, master mentors
This was everyone’s reaction to the photo shoot!
As you can tell.. I have been blown away by every mentor, speaker and attendee. Most of all I am blown away by two amazing people.  Who are tough, true, direct, resilent and most of all soo caring. I cannot say how grateful I am for their belief, loyalty, honesty and support in such a short space of time. They have reminded me of who I once was and who I am yet to be, and this is just a small step it’s not even a fraction of the journey I am yet to take. My thanks goes to Camalita and Andrew Nutall, for being so caring. All I will say at this point it’s just a matter of time before the change is just on the inside! 

There were so many special factors, amazing stories, inspiring speakers, business techniques, emotional intelligence …. to name but a few! I saw all this through my lens. Such a narrow but concentrated view as you take in every genuine expression.  

Every speaker, was beyond willing to tell you their story, that the inspiration and energy oozed throughout the day. By Sunday the energy was high, and tears of relief as soft words of truth were told. As the gratitude spread even I could not hold my tears back. After all I was still in awe of the campaign Camalita had launched for this event with my photos and Gaby’s makeup artistry, alongside her amazing branding from a huge company in America. There was my work holding its own.. working in unison with the classy branding.. it was humbling to say the least. 

Today I am Cheshire Cat… my smile has not stopped and my inner smile burns. The bird in a gilded cage has found the right key to a bright future. 

When you hit your low. Take stock and look around you… and take in the view. Because somewhere along the lines… someone is watching and what’s you to make it. I want you to make it! 

So with lots of editing and following up to do from all the networking! But most of all for making new friendships around the world and even close to home. I better crack on. So I will leave you with this thought…

There will be another Event of Champions…. make sure your there! Because this was the energy I needed… this was my figurative red bull. Now let’s run together and create something beautiful! 

All my love 

Michelle xxx

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