Fireworks & Meteors WHICH one are YOU? Here’s HOW I CREATED a different orbit!

I am sitting here, and my brain won’t switch off. I have so many ideas and words swirling in my mind. What do I want? What do I want to be? Where do I want to go? Who do I want with me?

Then one metaphor that centres them all… am I a firework or am I Meteor?

Which one do I actually want to be? Both burn brightly… but one burns out, and the other can orbit it’s path for many many years.

Through my initial years building my career and business, that creativity would be at its core. Ever since I was a small child, it was all I dreamed of. I told myself I would be happy, as long as I could paint.

“You’ll never work a day in your life if you do what you love! “

That’s what I felt, that’s what I believed. So, I strove for this ambition. No matter the obstacles, no matter the changes in my life or family, I would always move in this direction.

I lived by the rules of my passion. I allowed my creativity to find its own way. I don’t regret my path as such, as I’m here writing this blog.

What I have learnt through my business and my association is my business mind. At first, I was resistant to the idea, feeling that business side was not for creatives but for someone who loves admin, accounts, numbers. What I failed to see in my early days, was that building your business is part of your creativity. I can see why people get hooked.

I also discovered other facets of myself. That my creative brain is also entrepreneurial. I love problem-solving, building and developing people. I would go as far to say, that this inner creative itch was my need to solve and provide solutions.  So, rather than resist, I listened.

My photography has now become not only my skill & product, but it’s also the vehicle for the service I provide for my personal branding clients, as I offer a comprehensive 5 module service leading up to their carefully planned shoot.

The excitement and energy I feel for this new venture are my passion. I have found the synergy between my creative, problem solving and self-development passions. I have found the right vehicle with the right fuel, and I feel blessed knowing I have found my path.

I still create and work within weddings as I love my couples too much. But I keep them limited, so as to provide more quality over quantity of my 2015 bookings.

Back to the beginning, am I a firework or a motor? Well, the firework has more show little substance, that was me at the start all creativity without the reliance on good strategy, firm plans and business mindset. This time, I am coming as a Meteor with all the substance I need to make the ride last! Planning is essential. If your business starting out, then keep it as simple as you can, plan, create strategies…  these are your foundation to your businesses longevity!

January is not over yet! So welcome to 2017!

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