Have you ever wondered what YOUR YOUNGER self would SAY to you TODAY??


I am so pleased with the outcome of this interview with Mirela Sula. If you ever afraid, or feel your story is not worthy. Think again, even though I trained as a photographer for two years .. everything else I achieved before and after has been constant self-teaching and exploring my way through my passion. I have so much more to experience and develop. Reading this article puts into perspective my challenges and my accomplishments so far. It’s not ego… it recognizes your hard work, your tears, and how much you will push for what you love never give up!

What amazes me even more, is that the career advice test informed me, that I was most suited to becoming a  “graphic artist/ creative”… The career advisor then told me “don’t aim too high!”  which was amongst the other advice they freely gave.

Thank goodness for my stubbornness! I think back to that moment of how despondent I felt that this person who was in a position of authority had said… “sorry your dream is too big for your ability.”  Instead, my inner voice screamed…

“Challenge excepted!!”

My tenacity as a teenager and my laziness as a youngster would be at war at times.

Off to an Event, after 17 years of marriage… we are now in our 2oth year!


My need and want to do more would be mixed with my need to chill out, go out and strangely enough to fall in love. I even remember telling mum as she zipped up the back of my dress, that I would be happy to be married at 18 with children not long after.. which is odd as there was no one in my life, and those I liked couldn’t hold my interest for long. A few months down the line, I meet my Husband. We married after seven months of dating; I only just turned 18.  All I know is, that once you align your passion with your actual path, you tend to attract what it is you want.

Soo…. I’m looking back at my younger self and thinking what would she say if she could read this article, about my journey so far.

When in doubt talk to your younger self..It’s a great exercise to empower your thinking when you may be having a less inspired day? Would your resilience and growth inspire he/she? Would they be excited about their future? Would she/he try even harder?

My answer to my career advisor today is “I didn’t aim high… I just stayed true to who I am”.

Please read my article in Global Women Co – My Gift, My Aim, Is To Make People Smile

Top Tip: When in doubt talk to your younger self?


It started on an adventure, of motorbikes and hiking.. and we still try and live a little despite life.


 Enjoy lives experiences, where every they may take you, for however long they may last. Live a life full of giggles.

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