Day in the life of a wedding photographer during August!

The day in the life of a wedding photographer in August.

I am in full swing, with wedding season at its  peak and its hard going with two all day weddings back to back. Each wedding needing the same level of time and energy, its not as though you can pace yourself, when the wedding day itself slows for no man, woman, child or photographer.

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As with any wedding, there is the prep before hand. Which I always start on the Wednesday. A good few days before, I spend my energy wisely… so no overdoing it at the gym, no spring cleaning… basically my body is ready and its best energy wise. As there is nothing worse that feeling sore and being on your feet all day…. sometimes you cant escape it, but if I can I will.

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So Wednesday is shut down for any jobs, or work that over excreting. So general stuff really, keeping the house ship shape for while I am away and busy else where. Then its time to swat, reading up on all my notes, creating timing cards. Cleaning equipment, making sure all is working order, memory cards ready, batteries ready, flashes and lighting ready. I think of every scenario and prepare for what I can.

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Then comes the biting nails. Yes, every wedding photographer I know feels the nerves of the impending day and all its excitement. It is nerve racking, I am but a stranger walking in and capturing magical moments, of the couple whom have chosen me as their photographer, above all others. Its a privilege and huge responsibility to be that one..

So I am all set, its the day before.. I try to switch off a little.. so as not to get over excited and no sleep. So I watch a chick flick or two.. 🙂 always a chore, to get me in the mood. Romance is key, and the hubby knows it. So it helps to feel all lovey.. well that’s my game plan. Emotions effect the way I see the world, so love tunes, lovey films.. you name it!! Lol… (don’t tell the hubby… 🙂Michelle Howard Wedding Photography (1 of 1)-10

So off to bed I trot… and then I get the weird dreams.. I know they may sound funny.. and they are, but boy does my heart race. Its like my brain says, all those timing cards are wrong and the addresses.. And I, I believe them. Its like when you walk away from you car you lock it, and then you are in the shops and your brain says ” did you lock the car??”  So after a lovely nights sleep, and a quick look at my timing and naming cards. I check the weather… always using the MET office as my guide.. which then get noted.

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BOY!! were we in for some strange weather at Alice & Dan’s wedding. We were given the delight of extreme heat and harsh sun till 5 pm. So I was in rush to cover all I could during that time factor, knowing that we may not get the chance for twilight shots later. So rain was forecast, thunderstorms too.. I felt like NOAH.. not one cloud was in sight, or on the horizon with its impending doom coming our way, and yet I was rushing everyone and telling them of the storm that was heading our way at 5. In fact it was so hot, that even the shadows gave no rescue. How I felt for Alice in her beautiful dress, and the little bridesmaid as they rain shoe-less, like pink fairies with pink cheeks.

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Everyone, was seated for the most tasty afternoon tea.. with yummy sandwiches, and a variety of finger cakes. You know the type you can pick up and eat in one bite, well I always aim to lol.  So I sat outside enjoying the relief of sitting still, as I filled my tummy with yummy delights. That was till the sky turned black and the torrent of rain hit. I stood under the canopy, to hide from the blobs of rain smashing into the floor. That was till a huge almighty bang snapped in the air, the lights of the village hall flickered for a brief few seconds, scaring me and the guests to find safer shelter.

Being the photographer that I am, I grabbed Alice and Dan with an attempt to have the passing storm in the background. Bit hard trying to expose for the two, but hey ho.. here you go!

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An hour later the weather was not letting up with its spectacular displays of weirdness… in fact we watch the storm system travel past us on the horizon, and it seemed as though it was an impending twister.. it was moving at great speed. The next few days the storm made the news….

Congratulations Dan and Alice for a fab, funtastic and tasty day xxx