Are you recently engaged?

Are you recently engaged? Booking your wedding for 2018, maybe later 2019?

Suddenly, you realise this is a bigger task than you imagined. and now your thinking wow! So much to do, plan, and prioritise.

First things first, here are your first 5 services to book…

  1. Wedding venue – Church ( the biggest outlay and will determine your wedding date.. this is an asap tip if there ever was one!)
  2. Photographer.. so you have your date, now you can confirm the main services so you can have who you WANT!! Remember this is vital, because your day should be recorded how you envision it, so choose someone who can do that and you feel comfortable with..this way you have a big pond to choose rather than a small tiny pond.. as that’s just not fair to you…
  3. Stylists… MUA & Hair- Yes you need to do this ASAP. I’ll be honest I have my go too’s, no matter my client they are my first choice. Don’t hang around waiting and DO NOT, skip your trial. This is about defining who you are, not losing you in the process. Price should not be the guiding line, but the skill and talent to hear you and portray you in all your beauty. (careful with the heavy eyelashes, I want to see your eyes, and your tattoos if you have them… I want to still see you!). Your hair is also an extension of your personality and can say so much. Plus it has to last the day, so don’t miss out on the trial, and then go trampolining!!! lol… book both of them on the same day!
  4. Cars… if you’re having them! Advance booking ensures you get what you want before the next bride does!
  5. Food… day and evening! –  My advice, go formal for the afternoon as organisation mean simplicity when everything is soo structured. Then in the evening, get as loose and creative as you like… this is part of the entertainment for your day guests and keeps your evening guests relaxed. Let’s face it, all day there will be times and this is the time to say do what you like. So you can choose Hogs roasts, fish and chips or the help your self-buffet… (my fav… take away… starters, gets me every time mmmm)


When all of the above is sorted, the rest can go at a steady and loving pace.. you can breathe just a little more.

NERVOUS? scared of the camera? why don’t you consider one of my packages for an included engagement shoot? This way we can chit chat about your day so far, have coffee and dance in front of the camera so that I can find you both in front of my lens. Looking at the camera is not key, it’s about you finding you, and feeling at ease doing it before your big day!


Heres Connor, he hated being in front of my camera. So we booked an engagement shoot prior to the big day. Guess what! What happened on the big day even surprised me, he was so comfortable around me, that the candid and partially directed poses were wow! Considering the first conversation with Alex.

vintage wedding photography, avon croft museum

Michelle Howard Vintage Wedding Photography-225.jpgHow amazing is that, straight through the lens…  Connor was relaxed because he had built trust in me. He had seen proof, understand stood my methods and new that I would help him on the day, through each moment. I’m not a stuffy photographer, I want to have fun. I want to capture you at your best!

If you would like to know more about my packages, please contact me about your day.

which parts your interested in, and what excites you most… I will send you a brief quote on the parts you need with a price list of my packages.