Day in the life of a wedding photographer during August!

The day in the life of a wedding photographer in August.

I am in full swing, with wedding season at its  peak and its hard going with two all day weddings back to back. Each wedding needing the same level of time and energy, its not as though you can pace yourself, when the wedding day itself slows for no man, woman, child or photographer.

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As with any wedding, there is the prep before hand. Which I always start on the Wednesday. A good few days before, I spend my energy wisely… so no overdoing it at the gym, no spring cleaning… basically my body is ready and its best energy wise. As there is nothing worse that feeling sore and being on your feet all day…. sometimes you cant escape it, but if I can I will.

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So Wednesday is shut down for any jobs, or work that over excreting. So general stuff really, keeping the house ship shape for while I am away and busy else where. Then its time to swat, reading up on all my notes, creating timing cards. Cleaning equipment, making sure all is working order, memory cards ready, batteries ready, flashes and lighting ready. I think of every scenario and prepare for what I can.

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Then comes the biting nails. Yes, every wedding photographer I know feels the nerves of the impending day and all its excitement. It is nerve racking, I am but a stranger walking in and capturing magical moments, of the couple whom have chosen me as their photographer, above all others. Its a privilege and huge responsibility to be that one..

So I am all set, its the day before.. I try to switch off a little.. so as not to get over excited and no sleep. So I watch a chick flick or two.. 🙂 always a chore, to get me in the mood. Romance is key, and the hubby knows it. So it helps to feel all lovey.. well that’s my game plan. Emotions effect the way I see the world, so love tunes, lovey films.. you name it!! Lol… (don’t tell the hubby… 🙂Michelle Howard Wedding Photography (1 of 1)-10

So off to bed I trot… and then I get the weird dreams.. I know they may sound funny.. and they are, but boy does my heart race. Its like my brain says, all those timing cards are wrong and the addresses.. And I, I believe them. Its like when you walk away from you car you lock it, and then you are in the shops and your brain says ” did you lock the car??”  So after a lovely nights sleep, and a quick look at my timing and naming cards. I check the weather… always using the MET office as my guide.. which then get noted.

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BOY!! were we in for some strange weather at Alice & Dan’s wedding. We were given the delight of extreme heat and harsh sun till 5 pm. So I was in rush to cover all I could during that time factor, knowing that we may not get the chance for twilight shots later. So rain was forecast, thunderstorms too.. I felt like NOAH.. not one cloud was in sight, or on the horizon with its impending doom coming our way, and yet I was rushing everyone and telling them of the storm that was heading our way at 5. In fact it was so hot, that even the shadows gave no rescue. How I felt for Alice in her beautiful dress, and the little bridesmaid as they rain shoe-less, like pink fairies with pink cheeks.

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Everyone, was seated for the most tasty afternoon tea.. with yummy sandwiches, and a variety of finger cakes. You know the type you can pick up and eat in one bite, well I always aim to lol.  So I sat outside enjoying the relief of sitting still, as I filled my tummy with yummy delights. That was till the sky turned black and the torrent of rain hit. I stood under the canopy, to hide from the blobs of rain smashing into the floor. That was till a huge almighty bang snapped in the air, the lights of the village hall flickered for a brief few seconds, scaring me and the guests to find safer shelter.

Being the photographer that I am, I grabbed Alice and Dan with an attempt to have the passing storm in the background. Bit hard trying to expose for the two, but hey ho.. here you go!

michelle howard vintage wedding photography-1-3

An hour later the weather was not letting up with its spectacular displays of weirdness… in fact we watch the storm system travel past us on the horizon, and it seemed as though it was an impending twister.. it was moving at great speed. The next few days the storm made the news….

Congratulations Dan and Alice for a fab, funtastic and tasty day xxx


Have you ever wondered what YOUR YOUNGER self would SAY to you TODAY??


I am so pleased with the outcome of this interview with Mirela Sula. If you ever afraid, or feel your story is not worthy. Think again, even though I trained as a photographer for two years .. everything else I achieved before and after has been constant self-teaching and exploring my way through my passion. I have so much more to experience and develop. Reading this article puts into perspective my challenges and my accomplishments so far. It’s not ego… it recognizes your hard work, your tears, and how much you will push for what you love never give up!

What amazes me even more, is that the career advice test informed me, that I was most suited to becoming a  “graphic artist/ creative”… The career advisor then told me “don’t aim too high!”  which was amongst the other advice they freely gave.

Thank goodness for my stubbornness! I think back to that moment of how despondent I felt that this person who was in a position of authority had said… “sorry your dream is too big for your ability.”  Instead, my inner voice screamed…

“Challenge excepted!!”

My tenacity as a teenager and my laziness as a youngster would be at war at times.

Off to an Event, after 17 years of marriage… we are now in our 2oth year!


My need and want to do more would be mixed with my need to chill out, go out and strangely enough to fall in love. I even remember telling mum as she zipped up the back of my dress, that I would be happy to be married at 18 with children not long after.. which is odd as there was no one in my life, and those I liked couldn’t hold my interest for long. A few months down the line, I meet my Husband. We married after seven months of dating; I only just turned 18.  All I know is, that once you align your passion with your actual path, you tend to attract what it is you want.

Soo…. I’m looking back at my younger self and thinking what would she say if she could read this article, about my journey so far.

When in doubt talk to your younger self..It’s a great exercise to empower your thinking when you may be having a less inspired day? Would your resilience and growth inspire he/she? Would they be excited about their future? Would she/he try even harder?

My answer to my career advisor today is “I didn’t aim high… I just stayed true to who I am”.

Please read my article in Global Women Co – My Gift, My Aim, Is To Make People Smile

Top Tip: When in doubt talk to your younger self?


It started on an adventure, of motorbikes and hiking.. and we still try and live a little despite life.


 Enjoy lives experiences, where every they may take you, for however long they may last. Live a life full of giggles.

Lets get outdoors & have some fun!!

I am such an outdoors person! I love the changing landscapes along with the ever changing light. You are forced to think on your toes.. and as stressful as that may sound, it can add to some great opportunities for creativity.. from me and you!

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West Midlands Wedding and Portrait Photographer… Doing my favorite type of shoot, Autumn and outdoors. Life is for living outdoors.. using natures backdrop.

I encourage every client to add their own thoughts and ideas to the shoot.. and I know you are probably thinking that’s what you hire me to do. But.. hear me out!! By adding your own ideas into the mix, you become fully involved in the shoot and begin being yourselves. That’s what I am searching for. I am awaiting those moments when the smiles become unforced, when the joke becomes funnier… when the laugh is no longer a laugh but a gasping for air before the next howler arrives. michelle-howard-wedding-photography-9

That’s why I try to become more… I guess involved. I like banter and I enjoy a giggle, I don’t want to be the by stander.. I want to be part of the action, while recording each every moment. I am fully committed and immersed. Yes, I am known to laugh and cry at shoots and events. I guess, I am so involved in your story… that it’s easy to allow my emotions to run free… especially when its intensified and narrowed through a lens… my mind and eye is so focused on all those moments as they evolve. michelle-howard-wedding-photography-11

I sometimes forget how magical my job and passion is. I get stressed sometimes, with the privilege of recording all these life changing moments, whether through a portrait or a wedding event; each one holds a immense challenge and treasure.

Any way.. I’m going on, lost in the moment once more. lol… yep that’s me!! The artist!!

So the reason I started writing! My bride Lisa from 3 years ago, has always kept in touch… and asked me to photograph her mothers 60th year with a family shoot. So after organizing the whole family with her two brothers, and setting a date. We were able to decide a location and time, in Stone Staffordshire.

The 4th of September soon Arrived, and as I prepared and drank my coffee… I was all ready and set to go. I took off in my now dead Astra!! down the m6 towards Stafford. The weather was awesome when I left, but grew every duller as I grew ever nearer.

But no amount of weather would stop us.. we had a plan, and we were going to get on with it.. as you do!

Everyone was there and off we trotted for a walk. I wanted the story to be as natural as I could make it… so a walk was just the ticket. I would let everyone feel comfortable with my presence.. mainly the little ones, and photograph them from a distance. I really do feel that if you start of too intense too soon, can have the opposite effect. Little ones need to be reassured that I am not a mad person, after all I am a stranger.. and seeing the adults react and welcome me in, validates there securities and safety with this new person whom as been added to the group…  So as the watchful eyes, turned to smiley eyes I knew I could ask for more…. let the fun begin!

I encouraged them to race and run at the camera… I talked to them as I took the photos so they would look as though there was no camera just them reacting to me. I am so pleased with the results, the connection between everyone is wonderful.

A great big thank you, for choosing me once more… what a privilege its is to record another chapter in their lives. Here’s to another year!

So here are my results…. hope you like?

If you would like to know more about your own family shoot! Please email me at

Have a lovely day xx

OO look!!

I just wanted to share with you the latest publication of MisstoMrs Magazine Magazine Issue 27…

issue 27 front cover
Miss to Mrs Magazine Issue 27 

With Ross & Christine’s wedding on front cover.. and a full page of Holly, and Alex and Con… But you can see them here in full… Love my weddings xxx

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I am so pleased.. I hope you like the publication too! If you would like your own personal copy please get in touch.

Thank you to my beautiful couples, for your enchanting days! I must push on lots more editing to be done!!







Beauty & The beard

fashion, men, man, beard, guitar, album cover, music branding, west midlands, photography, vintage, Birmingham, Midlands fashion photographyThis shoot was a little different to me.. because normally I shoot girls.. not by choice.. it’s really just happened that way. So this shoot was a real treat for me.

As with everything I love the alternative, and vintage styling. So having the lovely Paul, his beard and guitar attending the shoot. I was completely relaxed. I can’t tell you how lovely it is to be working, while listening to an acoustic guitar being played. Paul is a supper talented musician, whom is full of character. They say the eyes are the door to the soul. I do think that this new bearded fashion highlights the beauty of the eyes for men. We are then completely drawn in, as these beautifully groomed bears help frame them.  Their is a softness that can easily be ignored, or missed.

Venue: needed to be somewhere that offered a rawness.. that would enhance the subject. I love using old buildings, derelict, even graffiti… as a contradiction, to the organised beauty in front of me.  Its in complete contrast, with colors from rust, brick work… “I’m in heaven!!”#

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michelle howard product photography-1-18michelle howard product photography-1-20michelle howard product photography-1-9

Creating a story, that has both rhythm and meaning, throughout can help creating images that have a hidden depth, a mystery. Which helps everyone become in tune with. I hope that you like them as much as I do..!!

Models: Megan, and Paul

Thanks team x

It’s that time of year again… let me tell you my secret!

I love this time of year, darker nights, leaves carpeting the ground in an array of colours, while candles lighten the darkest corners of my room. Which makes editing the many weddings a joy and cosy experience, as I relive the summer once more. 

With thousands upon thousands of photos yet to be edited, and work yet to be undertaken.. you can imagine how busy this time of year is.  I can’t afford to be ill in any way. So I decided that after such a diffiult year last year, where I was a magnet for every virus.. that this year would be very different. This time I would win, not the virus.

I know that this is not wedding related as such. But making sure I am well, fit and ready to go is esstential for the work that I do. Because being a photography is not my only line of duty… I am a mother and a wife… and as easy as it is to give my all to my work, I know that some of me has to be ready to fullfill those other roles too.. no matter how stressed, overwhelmed, or pressed for time that I am. 

I am not one for fad diets, I have tried them, they have worked… and for a short time I managed to up keep… but the minute i am stressed planning goes ou of the door! I needed to change my thinking and my life style. I had to see things differently. I never expected the chage that actually came. 

After 14 months of watching my friend, get healthier , brighter and slimmer… I knew something was special about this product. 

I guess the reason why I am speaking to you via my blog, is I know how stressed my brides are… and how that stress can effect your journey. So I wanted to tell you somethig about my story… and maybe this will help you. 

I needed to be well.. I was catching bug after bug.. leading to chect infection after chest infection. I know you probably think why are soo stressed. Well our job carries a lot of responsibilties ,’ nerves and anxitey. For every wedding, there is a great deal of nerves.. which can and most likely effected my immune system. 

However, for the last 8 weeks, at the worst time of year… I have not been ill! What were tasks, even burdens have become easy. Brain fog, was no longer an issue. I could see and think clerly, with no stress affecting the route infront me. I have had to make many scarfices, but i do think each and every bride is worth that. Taking this journey has been the best investment in my business I have ever made!

My energy is killer… nothing seems like an overwheleming challenge! If you would like to know more about my secret.. please email at