Who your Booking for your Wedding day…

Booking your wedding day can seem pretty scary.  Its a huge part of your budget, but it will immortalise your day for the rest of your life and for generations after.

I know my packages are not low, and they never will be. I’ve been photographing weddings now for over 10 years as a 2nd shooter and leading over 100s of my own.

Each day, each unique couple is treated with the utmost care because I choose to prioritise you. I’m very protective of my brides, before, during and after the day. I want everything to run as smoothly as it can!

For me, the best comments are those from guests, when they ask if I’m a friend of the family? Because the key to getting the best photos from your day is when both you and your guests feel at ease. The day should be fun, it should feel relaxed. However, when the camera is spotted it tends to do the opposite of whats required.  I’m a bubbly personality, and even though my legs may be flapping beneath me, I remain cool, calm and organised as I entertain my way through each and every photo taken.

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Who should be a wedding photographer? 

It’s someone who can work at speed under stress, without losing their skill or talent in the process. They can see moments evolving, and can work in all formats, styles and genres to reflect your day as a whole. They are multi-skilled and understand varying lighting as it changes throughout the day.  They can edit in a way that sympathises and brings the best out of your day… they love your day as much as you, and it shows! 

Soo, what are you booking? Why this price?

It’s not just the click of a button that you are paying for. If that were the case I say uncle bob is more than enough for your day.

What your paying for, is not just skill, talent or expertise. You’re paying for knowledge, understanding and for the professional who has dealt with many many situations and taken it upon herself to be fully trained, insured, always ready with plan b and the right equipment for the job.  For someone who understands you, sees who you are on your day and works around and with you, in those moments you feel like saying eCooperatenough already! I gauge, I observe and I notice those moments of tension. Even before then, I know through your photography plan when will be the best times to take you away from the hustle and to allow you time alone to breath. I may be your chosen photographer, but I also act as your bodyguard when needed.

I won’t kid you, I’m not your standard photographer… I want to get arty farty! I can’t wait for your couple shots… despite the fact we have to trudge through the formals, speeches… all of which are records of time to be treasured by loved ones after we’re long gone. But your couple shots is where I excel most because this is where I pull on my skills as a feature photographer for Miss to Mrs magazine… haha! Yep, I name dropped… but you know what I flipping loved those days when you could dip in and out of everything you wanted to try! Soo if your up for that, I’m up for doing it!

If your afraid of the camera, then I definitely suggest that we get together and organise you an exclusive engagement shoot. I will pose you, laugh with you and be downright silly as you two cuddle up!! Its easier than it sounds, but if you want the best wedding couple images this is the way to go! I don’t often beat my own drum, but this is definitely a way to go!

Anyway, I digress… what are you paying for?


I have two groups of packages, for brides on a budget and those that want the executive. It’s easy to say here are the low costs, but what about those of you who truly value how your day will be recorded forever and ever and ever… ok I know that’s not fair. But let’s be real, it hurts when everything been and gone and all you have left are… your visual media of the day.

The truth comes down to this.. when everything else goes wrong,  you will want to know that the photographer and videographer captured your day like the dream day you envisioned, and when that happens your faith in mankind will be concrete, they said they could and they did it…. your day looks amazing!

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