Day in the life of a wedding photographer during August!

The day in the life of a wedding photographer in August.

I am in full swing, with wedding season at its  peak and its hard going with two all day weddings back to back. Each wedding needing the same level of time and energy, its not as though you can pace yourself, when the wedding day itself slows for no man, woman, child or photographer.

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As with any wedding, there is the prep before hand. Which I always start on the Wednesday. A good few days before, I spend my energy wisely… so no overdoing it at the gym, no spring cleaning… basically my body is ready and its best energy wise. As there is nothing worse that feeling sore and being on your feet all day…. sometimes you cant escape it, but if I can I will.

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So Wednesday is shut down for any jobs, or work that over excreting. So general stuff really, keeping the house ship shape for while I am away and busy else where. Then its time to swat, reading up on all my notes, creating timing cards. Cleaning equipment, making sure all is working order, memory cards ready, batteries ready, flashes and lighting ready. I think of every scenario and prepare for what I can.

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Then comes the biting nails. Yes, every wedding photographer I know feels the nerves of the impending day and all its excitement. It is nerve racking, I am but a stranger walking in and capturing magical moments, of the couple whom have chosen me as their photographer, above all others. Its a privilege and huge responsibility to be that one..

So I am all set, its the day before.. I try to switch off a little.. so as not to get over excited and no sleep. So I watch a chick flick or two.. 🙂 always a chore, to get me in the mood. Romance is key, and the hubby knows it. So it helps to feel all lovey.. well that’s my game plan. Emotions effect the way I see the world, so love tunes, lovey films.. you name it!! Lol… (don’t tell the hubby… 🙂Michelle Howard Wedding Photography (1 of 1)-10

So off to bed I trot… and then I get the weird dreams.. I know they may sound funny.. and they are, but boy does my heart race. Its like my brain says, all those timing cards are wrong and the addresses.. And I, I believe them. Its like when you walk away from you car you lock it, and then you are in the shops and your brain says ” did you lock the car??”  So after a lovely nights sleep, and a quick look at my timing and naming cards. I check the weather… always using the MET office as my guide.. which then get noted.

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BOY!! were we in for some strange weather at Alice & Dan’s wedding. We were given the delight of extreme heat and harsh sun till 5 pm. So I was in rush to cover all I could during that time factor, knowing that we may not get the chance for twilight shots later. So rain was forecast, thunderstorms too.. I felt like NOAH.. not one cloud was in sight, or on the horizon with its impending doom coming our way, and yet I was rushing everyone and telling them of the storm that was heading our way at 5. In fact it was so hot, that even the shadows gave no rescue. How I felt for Alice in her beautiful dress, and the little bridesmaid as they rain shoe-less, like pink fairies with pink cheeks.

michelle howard vintage wedding photography-1

Everyone, was seated for the most tasty afternoon tea.. with yummy sandwiches, and a variety of finger cakes. You know the type you can pick up and eat in one bite, well I always aim to lol.  So I sat outside enjoying the relief of sitting still, as I filled my tummy with yummy delights. That was till the sky turned black and the torrent of rain hit. I stood under the canopy, to hide from the blobs of rain smashing into the floor. That was till a huge almighty bang snapped in the air, the lights of the village hall flickered for a brief few seconds, scaring me and the guests to find safer shelter.

Being the photographer that I am, I grabbed Alice and Dan with an attempt to have the passing storm in the background. Bit hard trying to expose for the two, but hey ho.. here you go!

michelle howard vintage wedding photography-1-3

An hour later the weather was not letting up with its spectacular displays of weirdness… in fact we watch the storm system travel past us on the horizon, and it seemed as though it was an impending twister.. it was moving at great speed. The next few days the storm made the news….

Congratulations Dan and Alice for a fab, funtastic and tasty day xxx


OO look!!

I just wanted to share with you the latest publication of MisstoMrs Magazine Magazine Issue 27…

issue 27 front cover
Miss to Mrs Magazine Issue 27 

With Ross & Christine’s wedding on front cover.. and a full page of Holly, and Alex and Con… But you can see them here in full… Love my weddings xxx

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I am so pleased.. I hope you like the publication too! If you would like your own personal copy please get in touch.

Thank you to my beautiful couples, for your enchanting days! I must push on lots more editing to be done!!







A Knickerbocker glory of a wedding – Pass the Cornish Pasty!!

poldark, wedding, cornish, treveanna barns, sunset, vintage, love, bride, groomWell it was a heck of a week for me in the last week of  July… with my annual leave of 2 weeks in Italy looming, with 3 weddings in one week, all over the UK. How I managed to get through all the washing packing and preparing, along with the same for each and every wedding. To make matters worse I had a chest infection! Well if I can get through that week, I can take anything on.. lol

Well the first wedding began, with the Nuneaton wedding in a previous blog. So my next wedding on my list, was the wedding of Martin and Vicki…

I met my lovely couple back in the summer of 2014, at the Regency in Solihull. In fact.. I would go as far to say, that we talked the majority of the time… It wasn’t long before we arranged a second meet at my home, where we discussed their day in further detail. It was then that they asked would I be willing to travel to Cornwall for their wedding.

Its a daunting prospect of traveling so far away from home, there is no rescue should you forget a small piece to the puzzle… so planning and prepping are the order of the moment. Like any lady, I literally packed the kitchen sink… Mary Poppin style, so no matter what happened I was ready for it!! I loved ever minute from setting off, traveling and actually being totally reliant on myself. It was a huge confidence boost, and I hope that many more will come my way. Traveling and being absorbed in your location, is so different to traveling just a couple of hours from home. There are no distractions, once your arrive your creative brain kicks in…  and because you are so prepared, its actually more relaxing.. as you can completely focus knowing everything is ready.

So to make sure we were already with a completed photography plan, we combined there planing with their engagement shoot.. in the heart of the Black Country, and the heart of its history.. the canals we are so well known for. engaged, cornwall, dudley, canal, nature, black and white photography, love, getting married engaged, photography, west midlands, canal, summer, getting married, just engaged, getting married, engagment shoot, couples, boy and girl, bride to be, groom to be, book your wedding photograopher

After traveling from the West Midlands, to Cornwall St. Noets, 3 and half hours. I was relieved to arrive at Trevanna Barns… where the majority of the family were just about to tuck into a yummy BBQ. It was great meeting the family, in a informal way… we walked around the grounds, looking for possible places to use as our backdrop. I was spoilt the vistas were beautiful… overlooking the moors!

I hate sitting around on the day, and felt this all the more when I was checked in at the BnB.. so decided to join the chaps go carting.. (well photographing the go carting!!) Gutted I couldn’t have a go lol…

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That was the start of the day, and from there we lead nicely into the wedding day…. to photo booth! Good job I have the cooked breakfast..

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I was made to feel like a special guest all day, it was so heart warming. To think that even though I was a stranger to some degree, I was treated as a friend by all. Not once did I feel lonely or out of place. Which makes capturing the day so much better, a open heart never misses a beat.

knickerbockerglory, wedding desert, the best, michelle howard wedding photography,

I am not an ice cream fan generally.. but this has to be by far the BEST DESERT EVER!!!!!!!!  your created your Knickerbocker glory your way!! with a variety of options to choose from.

This was my choice….  Mint and chocolate chip, Vanilla ice cream, cinder, chocolate fudge sauce, marshmallows, clotted cream, brownies…. MMMMM!!! I want another one very soon, this may be my naughty treat!!

#tt Throwback Thursday – a little bit of Hogwarts!!

Looking back on my weddings… well I love each and every client… each story is a fresh page, that I can paint.

From the moment you are invited to your first consultation, you tell me about the things you love… the way you see your day. I share ideas with you, and from their we build a vision board, through emails, shared photos, or a mood board via my pinterest board. From there we set up a secret board, so only you, I and those you invite can see the creative board we can create together.

So let me re-introduce to Amy & Ant… who were married at Hampton Manor, in Solihull this February. Its a beautiful building both interior and exterior, even in the height of winter. With there wedding taking place in the beautiful Barn outside… Michelle Howard Vintage Wedding Photography - Hampton Manor - Amy & Anthony-8-3 Michelle Howard Vintage Wedding Photography - Hampton Manor - Amy & Anthony-35 Michelle Howard Vintage Wedding Photography - Hampton Manor - Amy & Anthony-82 Michelle Howard Vintage Wedding Photography - Hampton Manor - Amy & Anthony-88

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Wedding my candle light, my lighting and editing is sympathetic to atmosphere of your day at that given moment.

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I love the soft light of the candles, and the warm tone they give. Amy & Ant wanted a Super 8 finish to their photos. So that they were similar to a 70s style finish.

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Bumble bus, solihull, vintage travel, volkswagen, camper van, wedding vehicle, birmingham, west midlands wedding photographer
Bumble the bus wedding car… we love us some bumble…

Michelle howard wedding photographer, hampton manon, solihull, birmingham, west midlands wedding photographerMichelle howard wedding photography

To the beautiful stone manor, known as Hampton Manor.. it just feels like Hogwarts… love love.. x
IMG_1987 IMG_2010

Sometimes you need to just lie back and relax after a long day!!IMG_2199IMG_2206IMG_2208

Working with the lighting that the building offers to add a dramatic vista even if you are not able to go outside. IMG_2217IMG_2222IMG_2253
Don’t be fooled into thinking that winter weddings are easier, than a summer wedding.. So here are some top tips for deciding on the right photographer for you, along with the type of questions you should be asking. 

  1.  If the weather is bad.. what is there plan b?
  2. if you have a later ceremony that 2pm.. what type of light will they use? do they have a portfolio reflective of a winter wedding?
  3. If you are having a winter wedding, we would suggest a much earlier ceremony… Use as much available light as you can? So make sure you have a well adapted photography plan.
  4. Its essential that all of you day is carefully planed so as to make the most of all the light at given points. You should not have to sacrifice any part of your day.
  5. For winter weddings, more equipment will be needed, and this will require an assistant.

if you have any further questions regarding winter weddings, please feel free to get in touch.. x

My wedding was where King Henry stayed before the battle of Bosworth!!!!

Its always amazing to meet potential couples at alternative events. This time Miss to Mrs Magazine, pulled out all the stops when collaborating with Sami Tipi. Posh Frocks & Wellies was born, I traveled over an hour to get to the beautiful Leicester countryside… with hale bales, a 3 hat tipi, amazing exhibitors. Like any wedding fair you have no idea of who you will meet, whether you will make the connection you so hope to make. My nerves were flying so high. I awaited the first brides to be to arrive….

Then after a few hours I met Jess and Sadie… It’s amazing how you can connect, and have fun even when you are soo nervous. But they settled my nerves, we talked about all things vintage and they loved my vintage display, with old suitcases, a garden arch covered in ivory… with albums, framed prints, I had gone above and beyond…. Never at that point did I imagine the wedding that was to come, a year later!

Great details and to lasting memories from your day.
Great details and to lasting memories from your day.

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Bridal prep can be a great way to capture moments of the day, that help a great start to your story.

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The weather remained beautiful throughout the whole day, finishing with a colorful sunset just at the right moment. I loved this day and all its history.  Merville abbey was the ruins, that was part of the marquee structure. What I later learnt was that this was where King Henry the Eighth stopped prior to the battle of Bosworth.  AMAZING or what!!michelle Howard wedding photography - ls-6-2

Well I was so impressed…. I can’t believe how special Abbey Farm became in my mind. As you can see the wedding was amazing, and was organised and choreographed by Sadie, Jess’s sister.. who is now started her new business as a wedding coordinator and dresser. So please watch out for new updates… from Sadie.

Nuneaton is a great place for vistas, and Abbey Farm did not let me down at all… With a drive way lined with cherry trees, and horses to great us. I was enchanted from the very start, there was so much to be used…. I felt spoiled and overwhelmed by sheer curiosity, at the idea if discovering more and more as I turned each corner.

Jess is very similar to me, in that she to has a great sense of humor, while Adam was nervous… waiting for his impending speeches, but when we left abbey farm, to go and see there beautiful horses after the meal and speeches…. he relaxed completely, and I could see how he felt so at home in this new landscape.

This is why I love my Job, it’s what makes my job so much more full filling. I love that I can see the changes of a day unburden themselves, as each couple relax and become more like them self. michelle Howard wedding photography - ls-847-Edit michelle Howard wedding photography - ls-1199 michelle Howard wedding photography - ls-1201 michelle Howard wedding photography - ls-1207 michelle Howard wedding photography - ls-1213

The advantage of summer wedding is that you have more daylight to work with, allowing you more flexible time to work with. Although summer can bring rain… and Autumn can bring wet mist… which is beautiful in its own rights. Every season offers its own beauty and difficulties.

But either way.. I shall draw the most beautiful images from your day…!!